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Intelligent Analytics

Automated Data

Having reliable data is essential for managing and optimizing the performance of a vessel. Our in-house designed automated data acquisition system plays a critical role in ensuring this reliability by collecting real-time data on various parameters such as fuel oil consumption, engine performance, operational and navigational data and more.

By ensuring a continuous data flow and minimizing human error we are able to generate intelligent analytics that enable informed decision-making that enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs and improves safety.

Ultimately, through high frequency data, ship operators have a significant help in their efforts to comply with regulations and achieve sustainable maritime practices.

Data health

We present the “Data Health” indicator, a key performance indicator (KPI) that represents the status of the available data both for the fleet as a whole and for each specific vessel. This indicator significantly enhances confidence in all generated analytics and insights.

The Data Health indicator evaluates received data based on three dimensions:


Ensures that the data fall within an expected range for each signal.


Ensures continuous reception of signals without gaps.


Ensures that data are received promptly.

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About Us

Established in 2016, METIS is a leading telemetry-first performance management company in the maritime industry.

Our in-house designed, automated data acquisition system, coupled with our advanced analytics platform, empowers informed decision-making.
This results in enhanced operational efficiency, cost reduction, and effective management of environmental footprint and regulatory compliance.

Locations: Athens, Singapore

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To create transparent and forward-looking digital solutions
that enable our customers to expand their capabilities, adapt to changing environments and embrace opportunities with a creative mindset.

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