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ARTIFICIAl INTELLIGENCE adapted for the maritime industry

Working closely with our customers we are able to turn innovative ideas into robust solutions that provide true value to the global shipping community.  

Based on our Mechanical & Naval Engineering expertise, our technological competence and our extensive Business know-how in shipping we are proud to offer innovative solutions that address the core needs of a shipping company.

Our promise is to provide a solid ground of intelligence for all stakeholders, based on which they will be able to accomplish their everyday tasks, plan upcoming events, diagnose problems, resolve critical issues and make evidence-based decisions.

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Class approved
Data acquisition system

At METIS Cybertech we are proud that our data acquisition service has received Type Approval Certification by Lloyd’s Register for marine, offshore and industrial applications.


Our customers can be confident that they are provided with a reliable platform that conforms to recognized industry quality standards, International Conventions and Lloyd’s Register strictest testing procedures.

cloud based analytics platform - accesible from any device

real-time monitoring & powerful
vessel performance evaluation

METIS - Inmarsat-3

New & Popular

METIS - Voyage analysis-1

Route cost prediction

The ultimate decision making tool for the maritime industry.  Based on the actual vessel condition and on accurate weather predictions you can predict fuel consumption and ETA for any given route by altering parameters such as speed, draft, departure & destination location.
METIS - Voyage analysis 123

Voyage Analysis

Automated analysis, metrics and KPIs for every single voyage, trip and leg. All voyage related timestamps are ingested directly from the ERP — no manual user intervention required. A unique tool providing results that simplify performance assessment, accelerate the optimization of activities and supercharge decision making.


CPA Monitoring

Address the challenge of continuously monitoring vessel performance while ensuring conformance to the Charter Party Agreement. Identify speed/consumption discrepancies and take corrective actions if needed. Negotiate realistic CPA terms and fend off unreasonable claims with concrete evidence.

METIS Interconnects with three weather providers

METIS interconnects in real-time with four (4) weather providers and apart from providing information for current & future weather conditions (wind, swell, wave, seawater and ice) we are able to incorporate such information into our analysis, significantly increasing the value we deliver to our customers.



World Weather Online


Live Dashboards

METIS provides real-time remote monitoring and performance assessment for all critical machinery and equipment onboard a vessel.

METIS - Live Dashboards

BWT System


M/E and DGs


Jan – Jun 2020


Accross all departments

the first chatbot for the maritime industry - powered by a.i.

Virtual Personal Assistant, an innovative concept introduced by METIS to the Shipping Industry. Enables user interaction with METIS in plain English and instant access to any kind of information or specialized analytics. Empowered by AI, METIS provides the ultimate solution for accomplishing everyday tasks, planning upcoming events, diagnosing problems, resolving critical issues and making evidence-based decisions.

We support sustainable shipping

As an end-to-end digital transformation platform, METIS also provides a CO2 monitoring system that helps shipping companies ensure regulatory compliance and reduce their environmental footprint.

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Lavinia Bulk LTD

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ΜΕ & DGs

Route Optimization

Monitor the operation of critical equipment in real-time, evaluate the performance and ensure regulatory compliance.
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