2nd Vancouver Shipping Lunch

The second Vancouver Shipping Lunch of 2019 held on June 6, 2019 June 6, turned out to be a very successful event, attracting a diverse crowd with different #shipping backgrounds. This time, the organizer, Vancouver ShipInvest & Management Ltd., invited Mr. Dimitrios BOURAS from METIS Cyberspace Technology (METIS Cybertechnology) to be the lunch speaker. Both the topic and speaker received a lot of interest from the local shipping community. Mr. Bouras, the Vancouver representative of METIS, explained how METIS product highlights maritime efficiency through intelligent systems. METIS virtual personal assistants may offer the owners 7/24 monitoring of ships through live data collection and analysis. It is a very effective system to allow the technical team to know the ship’s working condition and also plan for future repair work, etc. Currently, more than 30 shipping companies and management companies are employing this system and the cost is very competitive. Mr. Bouras received many questions from the crowd and #AI will definitely play an important role to facilitate the owners technical management.

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