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a few words about METIS

was established in 2016 and specializes in the field of Data Acquisition, Real-time Performance Monitoring and Intelligent Analytics for the Maritime Industry, utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. METIS is strengthened by a team of skillful engineers and researchers with considerable mechanical naval engineering expertise, technological competence and extensive business know-how in shipping. 

The controlling interest of METIS is held by ERMA FIRST, the maritime focused environmental engineering group. ERMA FIRST is best known in the shipping industry for its successful Ballast Water Treatment System that was the first of its kind type approved by the US Coast Guard.

Based on our Mechanical & Naval Engineering expertise, our technological competence and our extensive Business know-how in shipping we are proud to develop innovative solutions that address the core needs of a shipping company.

Our promise is to provide a solid ground of intelligence available to all employees, based on which they will be able to accomplish their everyday tasks, plan upcoming events, diagnose problems, resolve critical issues and make justified decisions.






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Key Stats

> 2
> 189
Registered Vessels
> 659
METIS IoT Devices
> 1
billion Measurements/Month

Our philosophy

The development of products that will apply the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Maritime Transportation, playing a leading role in the inevitable evolution of the Maritime Sector that induces rapid technological progress in all aspects of human activity.

Our vision is to set high expertise in Information Intelligence and innovative thinking at the disposal of global Maritime Transportation in order to strengthen the safety of maritime routes, minimize the impact on the environment and reduce the transport cost of products and people.


METIS means "wisdom"

METIS, according to Greek Mythology, means wisdom and denotes the ability to think and to give advice. In Homer’s Odyssey with the adjectives multimode and resourceful, the poet presents us with the basic feature of Ulysses, his intellectual ingenuity and inventive mind. With these properties, he faced all crucial moments and outweighed the obstacles encountered. Such ingenious intellect, in Homer, but also in other writers is called METIS. METIS represents man’s ultimate weapon and his ability to perceive, to evaluate situations and devise the best solution to address the problems. Maritime Efficiency Through Intelligent Systems

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