ensure that no critical event will pass by unnoticed

Real-time alerting

METIS enables easy creation of automated alerts for events that are critical for the operation of the business. Alerts are created based on fully customizable criteria,.on a per-user basis so that each user receives alerts  that are relevant to his scope of interest.

Each user, through the METIS web portal,  can define, in just a few secconds. the alerts he wants to receive. METIS monitors the vessel on a 24×7 basis and is able to identify predefined events at the moment of occurance. Thus an allert is generated and delivered to the designated user through the specified channel (SMS, e-mail, instant messaging, etc.). 

Some examples of the most commonly used alerting notifications are the following: 

  • Vessel Start/Stop
  • Bad Weather
  • ECA Zone / Piracy Zone
  • 3 Diesel Generators in operations

Another example of customized alerting provided by METIS is the ability to monitor the positioning of manual valves. The platform sends automated alerts in case the crew doesn’t operate the piping’ system in accordance with regulations and/or the policy of the organization.

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