Lloyd's List Intelligence Big Data Award

Dec. 2020

Greek Shipping Awards 2020

Greek shipping Awards - LL - METIS v2


Jan. 2020

by Safety4Sea

Smart4Sea Technical Award 2020 METIS

METIS, according to Greek Mythology, means wisdom and denotes the ability to think and to give advice. In Homer’s Odyssey with the adjectives multimode and resourceful, the poet presents us with the basic feature of Ulysses, his intellectual ingenuity and inventive mind. With these properties, he faced all crucial moments and outweighed the obstacles encountered. Such ingenious intellect, in Homer, but also in other writers is called METIS. METIS represents man’s ultimate weapon and his ability to perceive, to evaluate situations and devise the best solution to address the problems. Maritime Efficiency Through Intelligent Systems

Service Provider Award

Apr. 2018

by Green Maritime Forum

Service Provider of the Year 2018 - METIS