Condition Based Monitoring, from METIS, ACOEM Group and REA Hellas


METIS Cyberspace Technology has formed a strategic partnership with the ACOEM Group and REA Hellas in order to develop a Condition Based Monitoring, innovative service, which will transform the management of shipping fleets.

The new service will incorporate the valuable know-how of the three companies, offering shipping companies on a global level an innovative application which will be able to detect problems aboard each ship much faster than any other method and of course before these problems turn into major issues.

Vibration analysis is a method of examining the proper functioning and condition of vessels’ rotary steering gear systems. A major advantage is that vibration analysis can identify developing problems, earlier than any other technique, and of course, before they become too serious to cause unscheduled downtime. Condition based maintenance involves the use of advanced diagnostic tools and technologies for the assessment of the state of equipment, with a goal of zero stoppages in a ship’s operation. Mechanical and operating conditions are continuously monitored, and when existing data point to a malfunction, the troublesome parts in the machine are identified and scheduled for maintenance. The machine would then be shut down at a convenient time and the damaged components would be replaced.

The competitive advantages of the application include the safe and reliable operation of each ship, optimized scheduling of maintenance issues and Optimized maintenance costs, a reduction in the rate of human error, an increase of machine lifetime, a reduction in power consumption, and a reduction in insurance expenses.

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