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Charter Party Agreement Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges that shipping companies face is the effective monitoring of their chartered vessel performance in regard to the Charter Party Agreement (CPA). A new module announced today by METIS Cyberspace Technology S.A. addresses this challenge and provides functionality that will greatly enhance the productivity of operations and chartering departments.

The CPA module provides the ability for the operators to monitor and track their vessel’s CPA performance, at a glance, through the online METIS platform and a set of visually rich dashboards.

METIS monitors the operational parameters and evaluates the vessels’ performance in comparison to the agreed Charter Party contract.

Fuel Consumption for the M/E & the DGs as well as the vessel’s speed is monitored in ballast and laden conditions.

Once all CPA terms are imported into the system the user is able to continuously monitor all vessels and identify potential deviation with respect to the specified consumption and speed terms. Additionally, the system provides automated notifications in case the speed consumption curve exceeds certain predefined limits.

The analysis is based solely on data collected automatically through METIS Ship Connect, the data acquisition system developed by METIS the accuracy of which is approved by Lloyds Register. 

MEYIS - CPA Monitoring Module

Moreover, the analysis involves the utilization of weather data, vessel maneuvering states and all other remarks included in the CPA in order to provide a holistic view of the vessel’s compliance.

The information is available at any time during the voyage in order to take corrective actions if need as well as at the end of each voyage in order to evaluate the achieved performance and/or handle effectively potential claims.

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