METIS sets Information Intelligence at the disposal of the Global Maritime Industry. METIS has been designed and implemented to address the requirements of Technical & Operations Departments of Maritime Companies. The solution incorporates fully automated, accurate and reliable Data Acquisition combined with the novel idea of virtual cloud-based agents, which analyse operational or engineering processes and provide useful feedback in the form of analysis, conclusions and event detection reported to multiple users.

Job Description
The DevOps Engineer will collaborate with software developers and IT staff members to manage our production and development infrastructure, monitor system health, and maintain the CI/CD process. The role includes the following responsibilities:
• Maintain day-to-day management and administration of the production and development clusters
• Develop robust monitoring & alerting solutions, working with tools at the cutting edge of technology
• Handle code deployments in several languages and frameworks
• Maintain the CI/CD process and brainstorm for new ideas and ways to improve it.
• Automate every-day tasks and procedures
• Work with other team members to define project requirements in an agile environment

The minimum technical requirements for the DevOps Engineer position are:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
• 3+ years working experience in a similar position
• Solid experience with Linux system administration: SSH, monitoring processes, attaching storages, cleaning disk space, bash scripting etc.
• Very good knowledge of Docker and container management (e.g., Kubernetes)
• Experience implementing Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery processes in engineering teams (e.g., Jenkins)
• Good knowledge of build tools and test frameworks in several languages including Java, Python and Node.js
• Working knowledge on relational databases (e.g., PostgreSQL)
• Familiarity with web applications using REST, JSON, or similar protocols
• Continuous desire for automation
The following qualifications will be considered an asset:
• Prior hands-on experience with Kafka
• Prior hands-on experience with EFK stack (Elastic Search, Fluentd and Kibana)
• Prior hands-on experience with Prometheus or similar monitoring solutions
• Prior hands-on experience with non-relational databases
• Familiarity with Agile methodology

Key Competencies
The successful candidate should:
• possess excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills
• contribute to a positive team environment
• fully understand software engineering concepts and procedures
• be fluent in English
• demonstrate strong technical writing skills
• be organized and methodical
• enjoy learning new things