METIS sets Information Intelligence at the disposal of the Global Maritime Industry. METIS has been designed and implemented to address the requirements of Technical & Operations Departments of Maritime Companies. The solution incorporates fully automated, accurate and reliable Data Acquisition combined with the novel idea of virtual cloud-based agents, which analyse operational or engineering processes and provide useful feedback in the form of analysis, conclusions and event detection reported to multiple users.

Job Description
As an Embedded / Desktop Linux Software Engineer you will design and develop Linux services and Apps based on QT framework. The role includes the following responsibilities:
• Design, develop code, test and debug system software
• Development of technical documentation
• Review code
• Interface with hardware design and development
• Develop low-level drivers for all system components
• Ensure the maintenance of the delivered code
• Design and develop desktop App with QT

The minimum technical requirements for the Embedded / Desktop Linux Software Engineer position are:
• BSc in Computer Science or Engineering
• Proven working experience in programming
• Solid Programming experience in C/C++
• Knowledge of Linux OS
• Knowledge of BASH shell scripting, PYTHON
• Experience in QT framework
• Understanding of Linux modules and Interfaces with hardware components
• Documentation and writing skills
• Fluency in English
• Agile and communicative personality
• Experience with Ethernet, CAN, ZigBee
• Experience with IoT protocols (MQTT, MQTT – SN)

Key Competencies
The successful candidate should:
• possess excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills
• contribute to a positive team environment
• fully understand software engineering concepts and procedures
• be fluent in English
• demonstrate strong technical writing skills
• be organized and methodical
• enjoy learning new things