The impact on the operational profile of different ship types and solutions for future-proofing existing vessels

From 2023 onwards, all sea-going vessels of 5,000 GT and above will need to monitor and report their real CO2 emissions under a new IMO Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) assessment programme. 

Every ship will be categorised for its carbon intensity, while owners must document how they will maintain or – if necessary – improve vessel performance. 

This paper explains the basics of CII and that a ship’s CII rank is established on an individual basis. It also evaluates the application of the CII to a typical container ship and a bulk carrier, analysing the impacts of measures to improve performance.  

It emphasises that steps to enhance CII performance must also be ship-specific and continuously monitored, so that a ranking or its planned improvement can be fully documented. 

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This white paper is based on the contribution of experts from multiple standing points in the maritime industry

Prof. Dr. Hinrich Mohr
GasKraft Engineering

Serafeim Katsikas
METIS Cyberspace Technology

Hannah Ohorn
CPO Containerschiffreederei

Peter Seedorf
Carl Baguhn Hamburg

Sascha Spörl
Carl Baguhn Hamburg

Dr. Andreas Thalhammer Geislinger


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