Live Dashboards

Real-Time Machinery

Real-time remote monitoring and condition assessment of the critical machinery equipment onboard. Live Dashboards are available for the Main Engine, the Diesel Generators, the Scrubbers and the Ballast Water Treatment system so that the engineers ashore have a live view of the actual operation. Web-based live dashboards as all METIS functionality can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

Live Dashboard

The operations dashboard displays major KPIs and operational data of the vessel. The dashboard enables you to visualize the whole scope of the vessel’s operations at a glance, in real-time and drill down into the details that matter most. By updating the dashboard in real-time it’s like having a live reporting system or a direct communication channel with the vessel. 

M/E and DGs

Live monitoring

Specifically developed dashboards for the Main Engine and the Diesel Generators, so that the engineers ashore have easy access to accurate valuable information such as:

– Variation of main parameters versus time for selected time intervals (i e trend analysis)
– Comparison with reference condition (shop tests and/or sea trials)
– ISO Correction for specific  parameters and guaranteed values (i e SFOC, Exhaust Gas Temperatures, etc.)

Fleet Level
Live Dashboard

The fleet level dashboard provides a high-level overview of the main performance parameters and KPIs for the whole fleet. This way upper-level executives can have a comprehensive view of the fleet in just one screen and be able to make a quick status assessment with one glance or identify the vessel(s) on which they need to drill down and pay some extra attention. 

Live monitoring

METIS provides real-time monitoring for all types of scrubbers (Open Loop Closed Loop or Hybrid implementations) and evaluates all the required parameters such as: 

– Exhaust Gas (Pressure Temperatures)
– Sea Water ( Temperature Flow)
– Critical values according to IMO requirements
– Operation mode (global harbor) and evaluation of actual emissions to air (SO 2 /CO 2 according to IMO requirement

BWT System
Live monitoring

The technical department ashore can have real-time monitoring of the ballasting / deballasting operation as well as the most significant parameters and  KPIs such as:

– Operation modes ( Ballasting, De ballasting, OFF, Emergency, etc.)
– System’s performance/operation parameters (Volume of waters, chlorine concentration, etc.)
– Ballast water’s parameters ( Pressure, Temperature, Salinity)
– System’s Alarms

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