METIS at the steering committee of “Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate”

METIS, having recently established local presence in the area of Vancouver, is making a significant contribution in the efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of shipping, assuming an active role in the “Vancouver Low Carbon Shipping Centre” initiative.

The “Vancouver Low Carbon Shipping Centre” (VNCC) is a grassroots industry-based initiative dedicated to accelerating the transition to a Low Emissions Shipping Industry in greater Vancouver.

The initiative supported by the “Vancouver Economic Commission” that reports to the mayor and acts on behalf of the city, is responding to goals for greatly reducing its carbon footprint and is exploring ways to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In this effort, the Commission is focusing on multiple sectors, with particular emphasis on shipping/maritime..

The VMCC initiative, addressing ways to reduce GHG emissions, envisions to become a technology and innovation centre that will bring together local industry stakeholders, technology providers, and innovators creating the appropriate conditions that will enable the development of a tangible and measurable outcome. Local and global perspectives are both desirable, so Vancouver can import and export knowledge and expertise to make the city a hub for green or low-carbon shipping.

Mr Dimitris Bouras, Managing Director at METIS Canada office, has accepted a position in the steering committee of the VMCC and will have the chance to contribute to the definition of the targets to be set by the initiative as well as to their achievement.

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