METIS is appointed CIMAC member


CIMAC (International Council on Combustion Engines) based in Frankfurt/Germany, announced the official corporate membership of METIS Cyberspace Technology SA, as of January, 1st, 2018

METIS CTO, Mr. Serafeim Katsikas is taking part to the regular meetings and conferences of CIMAC Working Group on SYSTEM INTEGRATION.
The aim of CIMAC is to develop regulations and standards as well as implementation rules with the following main objectives:
– Advise and engage the Components Industry for shipping,
Develop hybrid system design principles,
– Input on the development of the internal combustion engines in diesel-electric installations,
– Discuss development drivers for energy efficiency optimization concepts in ships or land-based applications,
– Contribute to the development and promulgation of multi-source energy system design optimizations for ships and land-based power plants,
Advise and contribute to the development of regulations with the Classification Societies,
– Adjust the existing rules to match the state-of-the-art developments in system integration design principles.

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