METIS Professional Services

The ultimate combination of Technical Expertise, Business Know-how & METIS Platform functionality

Over the last few years, business and economic conditions have changed drastically on a global scale, presenting challenges and opportunities for many companies in the shipping industry. In these conditions, sustaining growth potentials has required continuous operational effectiveness, efficiency and innovation.

Having developed a deep understanding of the key issues and requirements of the maritime industry, additionally to our innovative cloud platform, we are providing services that help our customers to attain substantive business results taking the burden out of their shoulders.

  • Consulting
  • Outsourcing
  • Integration
  • Customizations

Professional Consulting & Outsourced Services

Our consulting team of experts is able to provide a full range of hands-on services across multiple functions of fleet/vessel management in both operational as well as engineering fields, including:

  • Performance Analysis & Evaluation (i.e. Assessment of Current Engine Condition & Tuning
  • Analysis of Engine Efficiency (i.e. SFOC deviation to reference) & Optimization Recommendations (i.e. measures for SFOC reduction)
  • Fleet performance evaluation – comparison between sister vessels.
  • Condition Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis (i.e. early failure detection, avoidance of severe failures, etc.)
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  • Assessment of Engine Condition Before & After Maintenance Activities (i.e. Dry Dock etc.)
  • Emissions Monitoring & Evaluation (i.e. SO2, CO2 etc.)
  • Direct correlation of engine emissions to engine condition (cylinder specific)
  • Shop test/sea trials attendance as a third party representative
  • Onboard surveys – Technical Expertise & Consultancy Services
  • Interconnection with other systems/applications of the shipping company (i.e. ERP, PMS Crewing Applications, etc.)
  • Integration with 3rd party systems and services (i.e. SFOC deviation to reference) &
  • Design and implementation of data science tools & services
  • Development of custom functionality for the specific need of a shipping company 
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