Theodora Panagiotou

Theodora Panagiotou

Customer Success Agent

Customer Success Department

Theodora Panagiotou has been working at METIS since 2018. In her present role as a Customer Success Agent, Theodora is responsible for helping with onboarding new customers and for ensuring that existing customers are happy with the METIS platform. Theodora was born in Cyprus and moved to Greece to undertake studies in Maritime at the University of Piraeus. Joining METIS as an Administrative & Accounting Assistant, she gained several years of experience before taking an opportunity to switch to the Customer Success Department. In her spare time, Theodora enjoys travelling, including weekend excursions to nearby locations and faraway destinations alike.

Did you intentionally want to work in the shipping industry, or did it just come up?

As a child, my best-loved activity was watching the sea. I remember that I used to look at the vessels and wonder how transportation works, why ships are so different and so fascinating, and to ask myself many similar questions. When I had to decide what I would do in my life I knew it would have to do with shipping. That’s why I left Cyprus and came to Greece to study Maritime.

When did you join METIS?

I joined METIS in February 2018. I started my career as an Administrative and Accounting Assistant and after a few years the company gave me a new and exciting opportunity – which of course I grabbed. I moved to the Customer Success department, where I have been for the last 3 years and I’m very happy with the way things continue to develop.

What was it about METIS that caught your interest?

The opportunity to work for a company that combines maritime business know-how with high-end technologies such as AI, cloud computing,  IoT and Big Data Analytics was fascinating. Moreover, the fact that Greek shipping has such a prominent position in the global shipping ecosystem suggested a very promising career outlook.  Today, at METIS we ensure that each vessel travels in safety across the oceans and uses all of the latest technological developments to optimise its operational performance and  minimize its environmental footprint.

Give us a brief description of your role

The Customer Success Specialist is an account manager who is responsible for understanding customer needs, addressing issues, delivering tasks, and working in close cooperation with clients to ensure that they have the necessary tools to fulfil their business needs and achieve their goals.

"...active listening, patience, and time management are the 3 most important skills in customer success..."

Which are the 3 most important skills required in your department to succeed?

My top 3 skills for success are: active listening, patience, and time management through efficiently organizing my tasks. All of them are key to succeeding in a customer-oriented role like this. 

Which is the most interesting part of your job?

The most interesting part of my job – and sometimes the most challenging – is client liaison. Our clients have all sorts of personalities – or “personas” as we call them. Some of them are easy-going, others are highly demanding; some are introverts and others are very friendly. A few hours of reading relevant documentation helps me to make sure that I am briefed, and so fully ready to focus on responding to the specific characteristics of each person I’m dealing with.

METIS is an innovative company. What’s your definition of innovation in your domain? 

Innovation is the application of new methods, ideas, and strategies in the daily routine of a Customer Success Specialist. It is of great importance to think and work proactively, and to find effective ways of responding to customer needs and issues.

How is the work-life balance? What do you enjoy doing during non-working hours?

METIS works within a fixed time frame, meaning there is free time for the activities I like after work or during weekends. I like sports, listening to music, drinking some nice wine and hanging out with friends or family. However, my favourite activity is to pack a bag and travel – either for a long weekend or ‘PSK’, as we say in Greece.

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