QAMar Project funded by EU



Question Answering System in Maritime (QAMar)

The 4th Industrial Revolution changes data in Maritime in a rapid way. The main obstacle for the application of the new technologies in a massive way and with a fast pace is humans themselves. They don’t have the know-how, in order to apply and embed these technologies into their working routine.

Digital technologies offer higher quality information and knowledge that can affect in a definitive way the mechanisms of decision making in maritime companies, given that the employees discover the way to harness it.

In METIS, based on our experience, we pinpointed this limiting factor regarding the application of the new digital services and started the path for the creation of a median interface between thethe users and the digital services which will be easy and simple to use, demanding no time to learn using it. This application is based on the usage of Natural Language Processing in combination with Machine Learning.

This way users address to METIS asking for its services, the same way they do with their co-workers. The amount of services of METIS grew by the day and so did the need to understand complex sentences and meanings from the provided query. The intent for the creation of QAMar is the coverage of this specific need of the company.

The reception of the users of the new interface was very positive. This makes the need of the development of a Natural Language Processing mechanism immediate.

Through the QAMar project the company wants to empower the team of development and creation of a complex mechanism that will have the ability to understand entities and senses that are needed, so that the system will completely adapt to the reason that is being used amongst people in Maritime.

The higher cause of QAMar is so that the user won’t be able to feel that he/she is having a conversation with a cyber being but with his co-worker who is in charge of evaluating performance of ships or with the monitoring of their technical issues.

This the one and only way, so that the advanced data analysis systems will be able to adapt to the everyday procedures of the humans and not vice versa. It’s thesolution to the immediate application of digital technologies in a wide manner, that is meant for all people in maritime companies. Irrelevant of the amount of knowledge and familiarity that each of them has with the technological means and software.

Hence, maritime will accelerate the incorporation of the 4th Industrial Revolution with great gain for the global economy and the environment.

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QAMar Project funded by EU

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