The ultimate decision making tool

Route Cost Prediction & Optimization

Scenario Analysis

Based on the actual condition of the vessel and accurate weather predictions get the best route and speed profile to arrive at the destination during the desired timeframe with less fuel and minimum emissions.

METIS provides the ultimate decision-making tool for the maritime industry enabling you to create what-if scenarios by altering parameters such as speed, draft, departure & destination location in order to predict with great confidence the expected F.O. consumption and time of arrival (E.T.A.) for any given route.

A lot more than just weather routing...

Additionally, by providing a range of desired dates METIS generates three potential scenarios with equivalent speed profiles and the equivalent fuel oil consumption predictions in order to select the one which suits best your business needs.

The user can generate as many scenarios as he wants in order to have an accurate prediction about the vessel’s performance or even compare the respective outcomes in order to identify the optimum voyage or best route.  

METIS - Scenario analysis
The fields below are used as the main input parameters in order to generate the virtual scenario analysis:
METIS - Scenario analysis
  • Mean Draft – automatically filled in with last updated value, however you may edit the variable
  • Speed Overground – automatically filled in with last updated value, however, you may edit the variable
  • Departure – automatically filled in with last updated position, however, you may edit the variable and specify the port of your choice as a departure point. 
  • Arrival – fill in the desired port of arrival.
  • Departure Time – is optional. Select a Start of Sea Passage date; otherwise, it uses the current date.
  • Arrival Time Window –  is optional. Different scenarios will be generated based on the different End of Sea Passage dates. Hence, different speed profile scenarios will be depicted to satisfy the arrival time window conditions.

Evaluate & verify the performance for any given route 

Even if you have some other 3rd party weather routing application METIS enables you to utilize its advanced data analytics in order to verify the proposed route and achieve greater efficiency.  Moreover, even the captain himself can use METIS onboard in order to verify the route he has selected. Additionally, METIS is able, based on the current status of the vessel,  to make accurate predictions about the fuel oil to be consumed at each route.  

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