Shaft Power Limitation

Compliant with the requirements of MEPC76, detailed in IACS rec. 172

The IMO is implementing short-term measures to improve ship energy efficiency and minimize carbon emissions from shipping. Among these measures is the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), which comes into effect on January 1, 2023. Existing ships will be required to assess their energy efficiency index, known as “attained EEXI”. All ships must individually calculate and receive approval of attained EEXI by their first annual, intermediate or renewal International Air Pollution Prevention (IAPP) survey of 2023. Technical changes such as Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi) can be applied to comply with the required EEXI values.

METIS ShaPoLi Solution

is a robust, non-permanent, cost-effective and simple-to-install, solution that monitors in real-time the current shaft power and provides an audible & visible alarm when there is an override incident. METIS ShaPoLi solution helps you to meet the ship’s required EEXI while ensuring that 100% of a vessel’s engine power is available if needed.

Hardware Independent

The METIS ShaPoLi solution provides full flexibility supporting torque meters from major equipment manufacturers. Our extensive experience in IoT ensures flawless interoperability.  In case your vessel is not equipped with a torque meter yet we can include one in our offer.

Overridable Solution
To ensure safety at sea, the system is overridable in case of an emergency according to the predefined conditions which are automatically logged and easily audited by the relevant authorities through our METIS Ship Display on the bridge as well as through the exported reports.

Typical installation which provides the full spectrum of functionality. The actual installation is vessel-dependent according to the existing setup, machinery and cabling availability.

* Anemometer connection is optional


  • Easy to install at port stay (no dry docking necessary)
  • Compatible with all well known torquemeters
  • Provides access to full engine power at all times to ensure safety
  • Optional ship to shore data transmission (Data Butler / Data Inspector)
  • Tamper proof
  • Type approved solution by BV
  • Remote monitoring and trouble shooting

Key Features

  • Real-time reading of shaft power measurement
  • User friendly Display installed on the Bridge
  • High frequent Data Logging and Automatic event logging
  • Display of remaining power
  • Audible and visual alarm on limit exceedance
  • Logging of limit override incidents with acknowledgement
  • Continuous GPS positioning linked to power override incidents.


The METIS ShaPoLi provides a live and continuous monitoring of the Shaft Power being produced by the vessel’s engine, represented relative to the Power Reserve threshold, as determined by vessel type and size. The information displayed in the main page consists of a Shaft Power Timeseries chart, a Shaft Power gauge, and other relevant data indicators.

Instant Power Override Detection

When the system detects a power override incident, the METIS ShaPoLi interface will provide a visual as well as an audible alarm to notify the Master. 

Power Override Incidents Record

The Datum ShaPoLi EEXI Interface not only continuously records all Shaft Power data, but also creates a Power Reserve Breach Event Record whenever the Shaft Power exceeds the Power Reserve threshold

Acknowledgement on Power Override Incidents

Every Power Override incident requires the ships Master to provide acknowledgement of the event and justify the reasons according to the regulation 3.1 of MARPOL Annex VI (e.g. operating in adverse weather and ice-infested waters, participation in search and rescue operations, avoidance of pirates and engine maintenance).

Ship to Shore
Data Sharing

An optional feature of the METIS ShaPoLi system is the ability to have access to related data and power override incidents & reports through the METIS Space, cloud analytics platform. 

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